themykonostimes.comOpinionThe pandemic can only be defeated by the absolute truth

Humanity pays the consequences of the concealment of the truth

The pandemic can only be defeated by the absolute truth

We are paying the price of the Chinese obscuration

It has been more than a year now, and the pandemic is still equally threatening as it was in the beginning. The images from India are shocking. The cases have been increasing rather than decreasing.

The summer of 2021 has become a big question mark. What went wrong? What is to blame?

In our opinion among the 3,000,000 pandemic victims there is another one. And that is the truth. This pandemic has been since its beginning an enemy of the truth. And this is the price we have been paying. The price humanity has been paying is the fact that the truth has not been told in many key cases. Had the truth been told, the pandemic would have probably been defeated.

The largest truth that has been concealed -in the case in point- by the Chinese is when and how there were the first victims.
China was not only provocatively late to inform the scientific community, but it was also late to inform the world public opinion as well.
On the contrary the Chinese regime chose to lead the journalists to the court of justice. The Chinese regime made sure that traces of the possible leakage from the Wuhan lab disappeared. The W.H.O investigators that arrived there a year later did not have access to the footage of the CCTV cameras.

On the contrary the Chinese made sure that the Wuhan public market was shown as the guilty part with its wild animals and birds. They did their best to hide the human hand responsible for creating the chimera virus which, according to one of the two scenarios of the CIA chief, could have escaped from a lab.

This virus is very quick and deadly. Very “human”.
If that has been the case, then if the scientist responsible for the creation of it, had informed his colleagues precisely about the mode of its manufacturing, the vaccines would be more efficient, and they would have been developed and produced earlier aiming at the root of the problem.
Science would have discovered more medicines. China though chose silence.

We had half-truths from the primary organisation in charge: The World Health Organization. After W.H.O had tolerated China’s half-truths, it was provocatively and bureaucratically late to set the alarm. It was also late to give instructions for the countries’ boundaries to close. It was provocatively late to evaluate the transmission ways of the virus and that is why there was a typical delay for the mask guideline. Remember what the mask had to go through!

Let’s move on now. Instead of enlightening, the countries, and governments of the world with the typical examples of Trump’s USA, Brazil etc, they made sure their citizens were obscured with the initial Trump nonsense about the innocuous virus.
Similarly, governments in other countries told half-truths about the virus’ riskiness and fragmentary measures were taken for its handling. The lockdowns lacked consistency, strictness, and clarity. They were chaotic and vague. They ruined the countries’ economies without having saved any lives apart from very few exceptions.

Now the vaccines: People cannot trust them unless they are told the whole truth about their side-effects, their duration, their effectiveness. Their mutations.
It is not possible after more than 5 million vaccinated people in Israel to find out only on Friday the 23rd of April that in some cases the Pfizer/Bion Tech vaccines caused myocarditis to two young people of 30 years old who had been healthy but died after having been vaccinated. Were they the only ones?

When the public opinion is in the mist then conspiracy theories find a way to sneak in. As the vaccination is in progress and in Europe it follows turtle pace, we invite the organizations involved as well as the governments not to leave anything in the dark. To tell the truth and nothing but the truth. About everything that has to do with the pandemic. We need the absolute truth. Truth is the only and most effective vaccine if we want to defeat the virus.
There are guilty people for the concealment of the truth. And these people could be brought to Justice in a new Nuremberg Trial.